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By happycitypuppies, Feb 6 2016 10:33PM

This January we decided to use Happy City Puppies to purchase our first English Bulldog, Buster! What drew us to them (aside from how adorable all of their dogs are) was their level of communication and patience with the many questions that come with this big purchase. We live out of town and couldn't come pick up our dog asap but they held him for us, kept him updated on vaccines, and even sent us pictures and videos until we could bring him to his forever home. We could never put a price on our little boy, but if we had to it would well exceed the what we paid! He was worth every penny! We can't say thank you enough to Happy City Puppies for our sweet dog!!!

Kyle and Erica

By happycitypuppies, Mar 30 2014 06:23PM

First of all thank you Anna for being such a professional person, you answer all our inquiries with a lot of knowledge and patience. We are so happy with our puppy we name her Lola Staples she is the sweetest well behaved gorgeous dog we ever own we are extremely satisfied with Happy City Puppies you guys rock. Attached you will find a few pics of Luis and Lola loving each other xoxo.

By happycitypuppies, Mar 26 2014 11:49PM

Thank you so much for our new member of our family we are all in love with Luis ( puppy)

He make us complete my four year old daughter love to have him chance her around the table and we love to watch him make his faces, watch him sleep and listen to the noises he makes . We are so bless to have him.

Thank you, Medrano family

By happycitypuppies, Feb 13 2014 01:26AM

The other day our family brought home our newest LOVE!!! It has been forever since we had a puppy in the house. (We had our last dog for 12 years before he got a brain tumor). We named our little guy Tank. He is soooooooo much fun and the sweetest little boy EVER! He had the best little personality and is just so stink'n CUTE! Omg we are so in love! Especially our 4 year old who loves to snuggle with him at nap time.


The Siarski Family



8 weeks old

AKC & CKC Registration

Houston, TX

Tel: 832-473-7513 Happycitypuppies@yahoo.com

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